Cloud Account Visibility for Vulnerability Management

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Near-Real-Time Cloud Account Visibility for Vulnerability Management

Project Overview

Many organizations are migrating on-premise workloads to public cloud platforms.

The public cloud presents a greenfield opportunity to architect a fresh approach to managing assets and implementing security to audit a variety of emerging workloads. Robust public cloud platforms provide an API that enables tools to have visibility of the entire environment with less stress on traditional discovery methods. This client was looking for a means to bake in vulnerability management anytime a new account was created on their public account platform.

ShazTEK Approach

ShazTEK partnered with the client to utilize Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools to automate configuring the security tool to communicate and analyze the public cloud platform.

IaC tools build connections between security tools and the public cloud service API to perform cloud object analysis, workload asset inventory, and security configuration audits. They also identify security vulnerabilities in secure configurations in infrastructure, platform, software as a service, and serverless cloud objects.

Project Success

At the completion of the project, the organization’s vulnerability management security tools have immediate visibility in each new account.

This enables the security team to identify, prioritize, and pass those findings into their enterprise operations management interface. Overall, this improves the effectiveness, efficiency, and accountability of reducing risk items found within the cloud environment.

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