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In a digital era where hardware efficiency is pivotal to business success, ShazTEK’s Hardware Device Management – IT Solutions stand as a cornerstone for optimizing and managing your organization’s hardware resources. Our comprehensive solutions ensure your hardware is not just functioning, but excelling, supporting your business with unwavering performance and reliability. From procurement to disposal, we handle every aspect of hardware lifecycle management, aligning your IT infrastructure seamlessly with your business goals.

Our suite of services covers Device Procurement and Deployment, ensuring you have the right tools for your business needs, coupled with expert installation. Regular Maintenance and Upgrades are pivotal in our approach, maintaining high efficiency and security. We also provide meticulous Inventory Management and Performance Monitoring to proactively address issues and maximize utilization. For any hardware challenges, our Troubleshooting and Support are always at the ready. Additionally, we manage End-of-Life Services responsibly, keeping your business both secure and environmentally conscious.

Opting for ShazTEK’s Hardware Device Management – IT Solutions brings a multitude of benefits: a robust, high-performing hardware environment, reduced total cost of ownership, and enhanced business productivity and efficiency. Our services are more than just management; they are a strategic asset providing peace of mind and the assurance that your hardware needs are expertly handled. Partner with ShazTEK and empower your business with state-of-the-art hardware solutions.

We are ready to help you streamline your hardware management processes and optimize your IT infrastructure.


Solution Upgrades

In a tech-driven business world, staying ahead means constantly evolving. ShazTEK’s Hardware Device Management – Solutions Upgrades service is your path to a modern, efficient IT infrastructure. Focused on elevating your hardware devices – computers, servers, network equipment, and more – our service is not just about keeping up; it’s about leading the charge. We ensure your hardware is not only up-to-date but optimized for peak performance, security, and future-proof compatibility with emerging technologies.

Our service begins with a meticulous Assessment of Current Hardware, identifying areas ripe for enhancement. We then develop a Strategic Upgrade Plan, perfectly aligning with your business goals and budget. The Implementation of Upgrades is executed seamlessly, minimizing any operational disruption. Our commitment extends to providing State-of-the-art Hardware Solutions, ensuring your business has access to the latest in technological efficiency and productivity. Through Compatibility and Integration Testing, we guarantee new hardware meshes flawlessly with your existing setup.

Choosing ShazTEK for Hardware Device Management – Solutions Upgrades translates into tangible benefits: improved hardware performance and longevity, access to cutting-edge technological advancements, a more efficient, secure, and robust IT infrastructure, and an enhanced return on your hardware investments. With ShazTEK, upgrading your hardware is more than an update; it’s a strategic move towards future-proofing your business in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

We pride ourselves on delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed the evolving demands of the modern digital landscape.


Hard drive data recovery

Our approach is centered on providing a comprehensive and cost-effective solution tailored to your unique situation. In the initial stage, we conduct a consultation to assess the extent of data loss and determine the most suitable recovery plan and pricing options. Our team offers valuable tips and advice on handling hardware to minimize further damage, maximizing the potential for successful recovery.

Our service level options, including standard, priority, emergency, or on-site, cater to diverse recovery needs. ShazTEK provides you with a detailed price range, ensuring you are well-informed about your data recovery service. We also offer advice on the next steps to take, including exploring warranty coverage with the hardware manufacturer or utilizing our software solution for a comprehensive recovery service.

From the initial free consultation to the meticulous data recovery phase and the eventual return of your recovered data with ongoing support, ShazTEK is your reliable partner in navigating the complexities of hard drive data recovery.

The steps we take for you:


cable Management

In the intricate world of data centers, effective cable management is the backbone of operational efficiency. ShazTEK’s Data Center Cable Management Services provide comprehensive solutions to organize, manage, and maintain your cabling infrastructure. We ensure your data center operates at its peak, with optimal performance, easy maintenance, and the flexibility to scale. Our expert approach to cable management transforms your data center into a model of efficiency and reliability.

Our services start with meticulous Cable Planning and Layout Design, optimizing space and reducing interference. The Installation and Organization of cables are executed with precision, creating a neat, manageable, and easily navigable system. We prioritize Labeling and Documentation for effortless identification and management, and our Cable Health Checks and Maintenance routines guarantee long-term reliability and performance. Plus, we provide forward-thinking Upgrades and Scalability Solutions, ensuring your infrastructure is ready to grow with your business needs, all while adhering to the highest Compliance and Safety Standards.

Choosing ShazTEK for your data center’s cable management means embracing a well-organized, efficient operational environment. You’ll experience reduced downtime risks, enhanced safety, and compliance with industry standards. Our service ensures a scalable cabling infrastructure that not only meets today’s demands but is primed for tomorrow’s challenges. With ShazTEK, your data center’s cabling system becomes a strategic asset, laying the foundation for seamless expansion and technological innovation.

We are committed to providing top-tier solutions for the  management of your data center’s cabling infrastructure.


Server Management

In the digital business realm, servers are the heartbeat of your IT infrastructure. ShazTEK’s Server Management Services offer an all-encompassing solution to ensure your servers are not just operational, but excelling in performance, availability, and security. Our comprehensive management approach guarantees your server infrastructure operates at its highest efficiency and reliability, underpinning the success of your digital operations.

Our Server Management Services encompass everything from Routine Maintenance and Monitoring to ensure continuous health and performance, to Hardware and Software Updates for optimal functionality and security. We prioritize robust Security Management, safeguarding your systems with the latest in firewalls and anti-virus solutions. Data Backup and Disaster Recovery are integral to our service, ensuring your critical data is always secure and recoverable. Performance Optimization and Technical Support are key, with our team continuously fine-tuning server performance and readily addressing any issues with expert troubleshooting.

Choosing ShazTEK for server management means embracing a world where server downtimes and data loss risks are significantly reduced. Expect enhanced server performance and lifespan, improved compliance with IT standards, and a secure, robust server environment. Our expert monitoring and support provide you the peace of mind that your servers—and therefore your business—are in capable hands. With ShazTEK, your servers are more than managed; they are a driving force for your business’s efficiency and growth.

Our team is ready to assist you in enhancing a high-performing server environment that supports your business’s needs.


General Procurement

In the tech-centric business world, strategic procurement of IT assets is a cornerstone of success. ShazTEK’s Procurement Services are meticulously designed to enhance and streamline the acquisition of IT hardware, software, and technological resources. We ensure that your organization not only receives the best value but also achieves peak performance from your IT investments. Our expert team adeptly balances cost, quality, and functionality to align your technology acquisitions with your overarching business strategy.

Our approach begins with a thorough Needs Assessment and Planning, ensuring we understand and cater to your specific IT requirements. We engage with top-notch Vendors for quality IT solutions and excel in Negotiation and Purchasing to bring you cost-effective options. Logistics and Deployment are handled with precision, guaranteeing a smooth integration of new IT assets. With a keen eye on Compliance and Licensing Management, we make sure all acquisitions are within regulatory standards. Post-Purchase Support and Management are part of our commitment, ensuring you have ongoing assistance.

Choosing ShazTEK’s Procurement Services translates into strategic IT asset acquisition tailored to your business needs, significant cost reductions, and increased efficiency in procurement processes. Our services provide access to a wide spectrum of high-quality IT products and services, backed by expert guidance and support throughout the procurement lifecycle. Partner with ShazTEK and experience a procurement process that’s not just about buying technology, but about empowering your business growth with the right IT solutions.

Let us partner with you to optimize your IT procurement process and maximize the value of your technology investments.


Rack and Stack

Efficient organization and setup are crucial in data center management, and ShazTEK’s Rack and Stack Device Management Services are the key to achieving this. Our services are expertly designed to manage the physical setup, organization, and connection of your IT hardware, ensuring your data center boasts an optimized, secure, and scalable infrastructure. From servers to switches, our meticulous approach guarantees a setup that maximizes space, ensures proper airflow, and paves the way for future growth.

Our Customized Rack Layout Design takes into account your unique IT infrastructure needs, space constraints, and essential airflow dynamics. Professional Installation and Mounting by our team ensures that your IT devices are securely and efficiently organized within racks. We take Cable Management to the next level, significantly reducing clutter and enhancing air circulation. Additionally, our services include System Configuration and Testing to confirm optimal functionality and seamless connectivity, complemented by thorough Documentation and Labeling for easy future management.

By choosing ShazTEK for your data center’s rack and stack needs, you’re ensuring a streamlined, well-organized setup that enhances the performance and lifespan of your IT equipment. Our professional installation and configuration significantly reduce the risk of errors and downtime. With our Rack and Stack Device Management Services, you’ll see enhanced efficiency in maintaining and upgrading your data center equipment, making your data center not just a storage space, but a powerhouse of efficiency and scalability.

We are ready to assist you in creating a well-organized, efficient, and scalable data center environment.


application development

At ShazTEK, we are a team of experienced developers dedicated to creating custom software solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our goal is to help streamline processes, improve efficiency, and provide a competitive edge through cutting-edge technologies.

We offer tailored solutions that fit your specific requirements, from the initial concept to deployment and maintenance. Our team works closely with you to deliver high-quality products that exceed expectations.

In addition to our development services, we provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that your application is always up to date and running smoothly. Contact us today to discuss your project and learn more about how we can help your business succeed.

Our services are designed to meet the unique needs of your business and include:


Virtualization Management

In the realm of modern IT, virtualization stands as a pivotal strategy for optimizing resources and enhancing operational efficiency. ShazTEK’s Virtualization Management Software Services are designed to elevate your virtual environments to their peak potential. Our comprehensive solutions focus on managing and optimizing your virtual infrastructure, ensuring that it delivers maximum value and top-tier performance. We’re here to ensure that your virtual resources are not just operational but are a powerhouse of efficiency and scalability.

Our services kick off with a thorough Virtual Environment Assessment to pinpoint areas for enhancement in your existing setup. The Deployment and Configuration of virtualization management software are tailored to meet your unique business requirements. We specialize in Resource Allocation and Optimization, fine-tuning your virtual assets for superior performance. Performance Monitoring and Reporting are key aspects of our service, offering you detailed insights for strategic decision-making. 

Opting for ShazTEK’s Virtualization Management Software Services means embracing improved management and greater visibility of your virtualized resources. Experience a notable boost in the performance and reliability of your virtual machines, coupled with significant cost savings through optimized resource utilization. Our comprehensive approach to security and compliance gives you peace of mind, knowing that your virtual infrastructure is in expert hands. With ShazTEK, transform your IT environment into an optimized, secure, and cost-effective virtual landscape.

Let us help you harness the full potential of your virtualized resources for optimal performance and efficiency.


New Software Development

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, custom software is more than a tool; it’s a catalyst for innovation and competitive advantage. ShazTEK’s New Software Development Services are expertly crafted to bring your unique business vision to life through bespoke software solutions. Our team focuses on creating custom applications that are not just a fit but a perfect match for your business objectives and processes, ensuring you stand out in the digital transformation era.

Our approach to New Software Development is anchored in understanding your specific needs. We employ cutting-edge technologies and Agile development methodologies to craft efficient, scalable, and reliable software solutions. Emphasizing Cross-Platform Compatibility, we ensure your software performs flawlessly across all devices and platforms. Our Scalable Architecture Design and Cloud Integration strategies future-proof your software, preparing your business for growth and evolving market demands. 

Choosing ShazTEK for your software development needs means getting more than just software; it’s about gaining a strategic partner. Our custom software solutions promise to enhance your operational efficiency, align seamlessly with your business strategy, and bring innovative ideas to fruition. We’re committed to quality, innovation, and delivering software that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. With ShazTEK, experience ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring your software continues to drive success well into the future.

Get in touch with ShazTEK to learn more about our New Software Development Services. 



Launching new software within an organization is a pivotal moment, and ShazTEK’s Software Deployment Services are crafted to make this process as smooth and efficient as possible. Our expert team ensures that your software rollout minimizes disruptions and maximizes benefits, making the transition seamless for your business. With our comprehensive approach, the deployment of new software applications is not just about installation; it’s about ensuring a transformative impact on your operational efficiency.

Our service includes meticulous Deployment Planning and Strategy, tailored to your organization’s unique requirements. We meticulously prepare the Environment Setup and Configuration, ensuring the software is perfectly integrated into your existing systems. Leveraging Automated Deployment Processes, we guarantee reliability and efficiency, coupled with rigorous Testing and Quality Assurance to ensure flawless functionality. User Training and Documentation are provided to ensure smooth adoption, and our Monitoring and Troubleshooting services promptly address any post-deployment issues.

Choosing ShazTEK for your software deployment needs ensures a hassle-free experience, significantly reducing the risk of deployment-related issues. Expect improved software performance and enhanced user productivity, supported by our team of experts every step of the way. With ShazTEK, you’re not just deploying software; you’re empowering your business with a resource that is secure, efficient, and perfectly aligned with your operational needs.

We are ready to support you in efficiently introducing new software applications into your business environment.



In today’s complex digital landscape, managing your software effectively is crucial to business success. ShazTEK’s Software Management Services are crafted to simplify and enhance your software usage, ensuring your applications are not just tools, but strategic assets driving your business forward. Our comprehensive services guarantee that your software is efficient, secure, and perfectly aligned with your business objectives, enabling you to navigate the software world with ease and confidence.

Our approach begins with a thorough Software Inventory and Analysis to understand your current assets and their effectiveness. License Management and Compliance are paramount, ensuring all your software adheres to legal and industry standards. We manage Installation and Configuration, tailoring software to your specific operational needs. Regular Updates and Maintenance keep your applications secure and up-to-date, while Performance Monitoring and Optimization ensure they are running at peak efficiency. 

Opting for ShazTEK’s Software Management Services means embracing a well-managed, high-performing software environment. Experience reduced operational risks and costs, improved software performance, and enhanced user productivity. Our services provide peace of mind, knowing that every aspect of your software management is handled by experts. With ShazTEK, unlock the full potential of your software investments and propel your business towards greater efficiency and success.

We are ready to assist you in achieving a streamlined, secure, and efficient software environment for your business.


Configuration Health Check

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Our expert team focuses on Custom Software Configuration, meticulously adjusting functionalities, settings, and integrations to match your unique business needs. We ensure seamless Integration with Existing Systems, enhancing compatibility and efficiency. User Access and Security Configuration are handled with the utmost care, protecting your sensitive data. Regular Software Health Checks are a cornerstone of our service, providing thorough evaluations of software performance and security. 

By choosing ShazTEK for your software configuration and health check needs, you gain software that is not only optimally configured but also consistently reliable. Experience enhanced software reliability, reduced downtime, and a stronger security and compliance posture. Our ongoing Support and Maintenance ensure that as your business evolves, your software evolves with it, allowing for informed decision-making based on comprehensive health assessments. Trust ShazTEK to keep your software—and your business—at the forefront of efficiency and security.

Let us help you ensure that your software solutions remain effective, secure, and aligned with your business goals.


AI & Machine Learning

At ShazTEK, we specialize in providing state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) solutions & integrations that can enhance business operations, improve efficiency, and foster a competitive advantage. Our team of experts possesses the skills and experience to deliver high-quality, customized solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of our clients.

Our team collaborates with clients to comprehend their business needs and objectives, offering recommendations for the implementation of AI and ML solutions to achieve their goals.

Additionally, we provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that AI and ML solutions remain up-to-date and operate smoothly. Contact us today to discuss your project and learn more about how our AI and ML services can contribute to your business success.

Our services encompass:


Operating System Upgrade

Over time, as your operating system accumulates clutter and junk files, your computer may experience sluggishness during startup, program opening, data copying, or running applications. ShazTEK recognizes that sometimes a complete system reformat and reinstall is the optimal solution to revitalize your computer.

Unlike competitors who simply “wipe out” your computer, ShazTEK goes the extra mile. Our comprehensive service includes optional data backup, thorough formatting and partitioning of your hard drive, meticulous operating system setup, and configuration of all OEM and third-party hardware drivers. We ensure your system is not only revitalized but also optimized for peak performance.

From installing Windows service packs to updating security patches, ShazTEK’s Operating System Upgrades go beyond the ordinary, providing you with a computer that runs better than brand new.

Trust us to be your partner in breathing fresh life into your computing experience.

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